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Inbify uses SMS to privately and effectively manage customer needs

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How it Works

Engage Customers

Place print media with your Inbify phone
number around your business

Help Customers

Chat with them over SMS while
they are still at your store

Keep Customers Happy

They talk directly to you instead of on
Yelp, TripAdvisor or Social Media


Customer communication is just one part of it, there's more

Real-time Feed

Review your customers’ feedback and respond immediately from anywhere.


Inbify models the feedback data using easy to read graphs so you can identify trends and issues before they become a problem.

Dashboard Accessibility

Stay up to date with your customers on any device you use.

Data insights

Inbify provides insights such as feedback volume, overall sentiment, status and categories. All this data can be filtered by location and time of day.

Communication Channels

Whether it is by SMS, MMS, voice calls or email, let your customers decide. Inbify handles and processes all of them.


Never lose track of what is happening with your business, even when you are out of the office. We provide immediate SMS notifications, or scheduled email and SMS alerts. You decide.

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Ticket # 307

  1. The Kafffe House
  2. July 20th 2015, 11:57am
  3. (787)349-6855

Service was non existent except for taking my order which i told the server over the bar counter while i seated myself. Only ordered a sandwich and a coffee; Waters to drink while we waited. The server did bring that to the table, but nothing else. No one checked up on us or asked how things were.

  • coffee and tea
  • sofas and chairs
  • cocktails and beer


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Fast foods, restaurants, pubs

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Malls, designer stores, jewelry stores

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