Talking To Your Customers At the Right Time

The ability to reach out to your customers is becoming more and more important in our hyperconnected world. But it’s not just being able to connect with them; it’s being able to reach them the right way and at the right time. Communication is becoming more and more personal and customized; at least, that’s what people are starting to expect in today’s world, especially in the hospitality industry. Here are a few ways that the field of business management is adapting to these new needs.

SMS for Business

Communicating with customers doesn’t happen in the same way it did in past years. Instead of having a toll-free number to call or a generic contact email, businesses can communicate directly with customers using SMS for business. Getting SMS feedback is so much more valuable because it gives people an instant and direct line of communication, which makes it easier to respond quickly. All of this, in turn, helps to boost customer retention.

Better Customer Service

Customer service is at the core of a successful business. No matter what industry you are in — hotel, restaurant, retail — the way you treat your customers reflects the basic values of your business. Don’t risk letting your customer service slip into less than excellent; you should always respond to each guest or patron individually and address concerns and issues with care and expedience.

Real-Time Communication

Part of the problem in providing great customer service is being able to respond to customers in real time. Imagine someone visiting your store, restaurant or hotel and being able to report an issue immediately via SMS. Your customers can receive a response within minutes and, hopefully, resolve the issue with your support staff. This can help ensure that they enjoy their experience and that your business leaves them with a positive impression.

Avoid Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can be very damaging to your business. With sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zomato and other social media platforms, it’s so easy for customers to go online and leave negative feedback about your business, even when you are doing all you can to keep them happy. Giving customers an alternative to online feedback and encouraging personal interactions help you to resolve issues privately, at the time they are visiting your business, so you can maintain a positive online presence.

Inbify can help you reach out to your customers in an entirely new way. Keep your communications more personal by using our app to talk to them via SMS instead of in public forums.

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